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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Street life

It was beautiful Saturday late winter weather day today – sunny and fresh – warm but in no way muggy. After dropping in at Amy's puppy class, me and the guy went out and about in our local neighbourhood (Potts Point) for a wander.

It wasn’t all play and no work mind you. We dropped into Happy Paws Fitness to check out my pet portrait exhibition there (no art thieves have yet stolen it I am happy to report - Amy T takes good care of things). That was all fine.

Next we visited the nearby dog-filled park at Rushcutters Bay for some quiet time. I have to admit I took a couple of impromptu and discrete pooch-shots (strictly for fun). No owners were financially injured in this process (actually I don't think they even noticed!).

Having captured some canine action we made our way to the main street of Potts Pint (Macleay St) to check out a bookshop and finally the local deli for dessert tonight (yum!).

I guess you can tag this post as “not quite a pet photography post” – maybe more of a “weekend lifestyle blurb”?

Just so you know my life is not only cleaning puppy drool off lenses. We love our city-village and we have fun with it.

Naturally - there are photos to prove it. And have I mention I am now addicted to Instagram?

Two filters applied: Toaster & Earlybird.

twoguineapigs pet photography, happy paws fitness doggy daycare in rushcutters bay.
twoguineapigs pet photography car journey along sydney suburban roads
twoguineapigs pet photography Lunch at Stuzzichini's Fine Foods in North Ryde.
twoguineapigs pet photography at rushutters bay park, doggy haven
twoguineapigs pet photograpahy at potts point bookshop
twoguineapigs pet photograpahy at potts point bookshop

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