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Monday, January 31, 2011

This is your year Rabbit!

I thought I’d do something fun to welcome the Year of the Rabbit 2011 - 3 more sleeps.

If you have a bunny or know of someone who has one, and that bunny lives in Sydney, pass this on!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

3 lovely Basset Hounds

This is a bit of a late post :)

I’ve always dreamed of meeting and photographing Basset Hounds. Two Sundays ago, I had the privilege of meeting not 1, but 3 gorgeous Basset Hounds!

Basset Hounds, are known as the “clowns of the dog world” for their intelligence and great sense of humour.

I’m not sure about the clowns bit, but the trio Bosco (12 years), Hugo (3 years and 8 months), and Dora (7 months) are most certainly humourous, intelligent, well manered, good temper, all so cuddly and they love their treats.

When we first met, the trio greeted me: Hello there! Have you got treats? Let’s play!

Ah so friendly! They worked hard for food only - now is that smart. These little guys have charming big, big personalities. The word ‘cute’ is an understatement. They are so regal.

Bosco, the oldest of the trio, even though he doesn’t do much running these days, loves to hang out at the park with his human Mum and Dad and his two other younger Basset Hound siblings. He will take every opportunity to enjoy the breeze and have a little nap while Hugo and Dora romp about in the park and meet other dogs to play with. There’s much flying ears, snouts nudging you for more treats, slobbering, quick steps with those short legs and “chatting” (low murmuring whines). So happy!

I love this family. I love that there’s lots of love, cuddles and Basset Hound giggles (though you can’t hear them but you certainly can see it on their faces). And I love how each of them finds their special spot at the back of the car waiting to be driven home! I had so much fun that I wanted to go home with this family! I now think everyone should at least meet a Basset Hound in their lives (- better still, live with one, adopt one, foster one.) To this family of Basset Hounds: you’ll always have a special place in my heart. Thank you for sharing such a special Sunday afternoon with me.

twoguineapigs pet photography pet portrait basset hounds
The amigos, originally uploaded by twoguineapigs pet photography.
twoguineapigs pet photography pet portrait basset hounds
All in, originally uploaded by twoguineapigs pet photography.
twoguineapigs pet photography pet portrait basset hounds
What's up, originally uploaded by twoguineapigs pet photography.
twoguineapigs pet photography pet portrait basset hound
Hound fun, originally uploaded by twoguineapigs pet photography.
twoguineapigs pet photography pet portrait basset hounds
Inquisitive, originally uploaded by twoguineapigs pet photography.
twoguineapigs pet photography pet portrait basset hounds
Hound Wagon, originally uploaded by twoguineapigs pet photography.

twoguineapigs pet photography pet portrait basset hounds

Saturday, January 22, 2011

The favourite spot

It has been over 1 month and 5 days since we moved to our new place in Potts Point.

I found out that Wiggley has a new favourite spot apart from his ‘first class’ TV lounging seat — the Chaise Lounge. The lounge sits in one of the coolest spots in the flat which also happens to be the cats’ and our favourite spot. And, he likes resting beside the Damask pillow that accompanies the Chaise Lounge.

Sorry if I ever interrupt your rest or deep thoughts!

I should make an image of this popular Chaise Lounge and its accompanying Damask pillow while I still can - such popular household items.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Queensland flood and how you can help

Since a week before Christmas, we have been following the Queensland flood reports. With 86 communities, half of Queensland State affected by the flood and a death toll of 16 as of today, many people and animals have not been too lucky.

As if this isn't enough, there have been reports of people's homes being looted in the midst of all this, and also scams collecting flood relief appeal.

Though we very much would like to head up and help with the clean up, we are confident that the community, volunteers, and rescue workers lead by local Mayors and premier Anna Bligh have things under control.

It brings tears to my eyes knowing how many have been affected and could be homeless for weeks or months to come. At the same time, I admire the spirit and courage of Queenslanders at a time like this. Our thoughts are with you.

So if you want to help those who are affected, animals and pets, please make sure you check in official sites, here are some that we have used:

Queensland Government flood relief appeal
Queensland RSPCA

Friday, January 14, 2011

The joy of photographing adoptables

It was in late May last year that I first volunteered my photography services to a batch of AWDRI adoptables.

7 months later, I have met and gotten to know 31 incredible AWDRI adoptables — all charming, intelligent, hopeful, trusting, very brave but most of all, very fine dogs. Their spirit inspired me to create a 2011 Calendar hoping to help raise more awareness.

My experiences in meeting each of them are still vivid; these dogs had never met me before - they appeared anxious yet all greeted me with open hearts.

I learned also that despite their plight (very much beyond their control), they trusted us and they did not judge either each other and certainly not us. I don’t know their language exactly, yet I feel there’s a connection and some sort of understanding — one that is deeply ingrained in me. Like my own pets, these dogs have taught me about love, about patience, about kindness, about compassion but mostly about hope and perseverence.

Today, I am aware that 13 of them I have met and photographed have now found new homes, and a couple are on trial adoption — thanks to the dedication and hard work of AWDRI. And mostly, a big thanks to the kind hearted souls who opened their hearts and homes to these dogs - the volunteers, their foster carers and new human Mums and Dads.

I can’t say how much I have enjoyed meeting and photographing these little guys. My thoughts are with them and I hope the rest find a new home soon in 2011. This post is dedicated to all AWDRI adoptables, past and present, and to those who have showed them much love and kindness.

twoguineapigs pet photography awdri donation adoptable dogs pet portrait
Dedication, originally uploaded by twoguineapigs pet photography.

Monday, January 10, 2011

2011 + pet photography

Every year around this time (after I’ve recovered from all that eating and sleeping over the holiday period), I do some soul searching, reflect on the year that has past, and make plans for the new one.

I’m blessed with a fantastic (and very honest) partner who supports and understands my quirks; my family overseas who believes in me; and great friends who know and love me.

I celebrate Ginger’s life. I’m fortunate to have Wiggley, Mr Big and PF in my life. I’m lucky to have met so many wonderful and dedicated animal lovers.

I’m honoured to be amongst many emerging photographers (including pet photographers). I’m thankful to my peers for their encouragement, help and advice, and especially my clients and followers for their constant support.

Mostly, I am grateful for the gift of sight, smell and sensitivity — one that I depend on to make my images.

Apart from hoping that my pet photography business continues to grow and I have the courage, spirit and energy to do all things good for humans and creatures alike, I commit to: helping the Australian Working Rescue Dog Inc with my photography service, laughing more, learning more, reading a lot more, working on projects more, meeting more people and bringing joy to more pet owners with photographed stories of their pet.

I have only one wish for this year: that you and everyone reading this, have a great year.

What say you if Mr Big is in-charge. Time flies when you are having fun.

Life is too short. I’m going to make 2011 a super good one.

What more can I say, I love doing what I do - I love photographing pets. I love their personalities, watching their quirks and capturing them. I love telling their stories.

Hope you enjoy these few scenes of my beautiful neighbourhood in Potts Point and its surroundings that I’ve especially compiled - got to love an overcast day: