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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A morning with the Townshend bunch

Last Sunday morning, I had the privilege of photographing 5 dogs and 7 cats at the Townshend's. That was only two-thirds of the feline population that live at the Townshend residents. The pets clearly outnumbered the humans. We went around the neighbourhood with the dogs and met the cats on the patio. I had so much fun interacting and photographing that bunch — who are very well looked after, and well behaved. I just love seeing cats and dogs being themselves and the Townshend bunch is just that. Thank you all for a wonderful time!

ps: I've put together this blog post with the help of Oliver, 'dad' of the bunch.

Me Too (aka MeMe, the one-eyed Pekinese who sleeps with the other eye opened and can hold two balls in her mouth at once); Hairy (a stray dog rescued by the Townshend from the pound a week after he followed Blossom and Womble on a walk); Pebbles (a former Australian champion Frawai Rebel); Womble (or Valentine, was rescued off the streets on V-day 2000 by the Townshend); Bossom (or 櫻 originally - yes the dog's name is in Chinese, was purchased from a gardening shop in mid-1999).

Steed; Arwyn; Eowyn (Mother of Faramir, Galadriel and Arwyn); Galadriel (the bossy one); Faramir; Simon Templer aka The Saint; Bondy (aka James Bond but not quite a James Bond).

Sunday, March 7, 2010

The beginning

... of a journey.

Five years ago, I adopted two guinea pigs; gave them a home and lots of food and love (you will soon learn that food is very important to them). In return, they have given me more than what I could describe in words — friendship, trust, loyalty, companionship, selfless love.

For the last five years, I have been blogging and documenting about the life of these two guinea pigs in the Sydney Metropolitan area and have photographed countless images; mostly candid shots of them in their habitat and environment, including their travels.

For five years, my two guinea pigs have given me inspiration. Their names are Ginger aka Beethoven and Wiggley aka Mozart. It is through them that I began to learn that photographers can specialise in pet photography. And it is through them that I begin to learned to enjoy interacting with creatures of all kinds.

I thank my two boys for this opportunity of a lifetime!