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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Learning | art and the heart

Shoot from the heart. Know yourself. Shoot for yourself.

Sounds simple. This needs a lot of discipline, focus, determination, courage, perseverance and strength to discover and go your own way.

Around mid-February this year, I flew to Melbourne and attended the 3-day art and the heart workshop at the Dear Patti Smith Gallery. It helped me work through some things I have been having conflicts with, things I always wanted to do but just couldn’t justify it - mainly, to shoot for myself.

The Workshop was my best investment so far*. I learned quite a lot about being an artist and not just a photographer, as well as wedding photography business advice that I could transfer to my pet photography business.

Also met some fabulous photographers (many are world-class) whom I am now proud to call friends. They supported me throughout my 3-day journey, encouraged me to do better, and have kept in touch.

The most awesome part (yes, ‘awesome’ is now a word I use!) was to be able to learn from Dan O’Day and Samm Blake. My mentor from a previous workshop, Christine Pobke, made a special appearance (and effort) to manage the place and keep us watered and fed.

So this year, I am booking less sessions and investing time to shoot for myself.

For you wedding photographers out there, rest assured, I’m not switching genre. But if you are looking for a second shooter or are signing up a couple with pets, you know to call me!

More on my personal blog for those who are interested.

*(in case you haven’t figured it out, part of being a professional photographer and running a photography business requires a lot of investment - it’s not just time but the money. We don’t just hang out, shoot and then party)

Sunday, March 25, 2012

2 Silvers | 2012 AIPP NSW Epson Professional Photography Awards

I was honoured to get Silver awards for two pet portraits I submitted to the Australian Institute of Professional Photography (AIPP) Epson NSW Professional Photography Awards last weekend.

A dog and cat share these awards with me - Zac the dog, and Lucas the grumpy Balmain cat, got the judge’s approval last weekend at the awards.

Neither of these were studio shots - they were on location work, which is what I value as a pet photographer - so it was gratifying that this kind of approach can be successful and recognised by the AIPP (my peers) as valuable in a world of increasingly processed picture making.

So thanks judges, and thanks also to those beautiful pets that make being a pet photographer such an amazing experience. It’s all for you in the end :)

Friday, March 23, 2012

Artex the Border Collie | Sydney Dog Photography

Introducing Artex, a 13 month old Border Collie, and my new friend.

Artex, travelled down from Lilyfield with his ‘parents’ for a test shot right in the heart of Potts Point 2 weekends ago. These are my favourites from our test shot. Thank you for coming around and meeting me.

Stay tuned for more. I can't wait to show off more of Artex.

Artex and his tennis ball, twoguineapigs pet photography, border collie, dog portraiture. A story about Artex.
Loved. Artex and his parents. twoguineapigs pet photography, border collie, dog portraiture. A story about Artex. Getting ready for test shot.
Artex and his parents. twoguineapigs pet photography, border collie, dog portraiture. A story about Artex.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Napoleon | Sydney Dog Photography

I met Napoleon last year in the character filled neighbourhoods of Enmore - a bohemian inner city Sydney suburb. He fit right it! He had a beautiful nature and his stunning white coat was a pleasure to capture.