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Friday, December 30, 2011

Rook the Pug x Boston Terrier | dog photography

This little guy is 3 years old, believe it or not.

Music Credit Eliza DooLittle, 'Skinny Genes'.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas at twoguineapigs HQ

Happy Christmas and happy holidays from twoguineapigs HQ.

Its been a mad December (and last 3 months leading up to Christmas) and we are exhausted (Christmas orders to fulfill, lovely kikki-k Christmas cards to write and send, presents and hampers to deliver) - except for certain cats that - er - took a bit of a back seat when it came to working. Two were 'scheduled' in for our yearly Christmas photoshoot - only one stayed (cooperated). Who says working with cats with big personalities is easy.

This year, we decided to send lovely kikki-k Christmas cards and personalised every card's wordings.

Thank you all for your support and interest for twoguineapigs. Take care over the break and we’ll see you all in 2012! :)

Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Last weekend it was the drama, the glamour, the fun and the pooches at Dogue’s annual COVERDOG event. twoguineapigs played paparazzi and had a total ball photgraphing the models.

COVERDOG was a fundraising event aimed at helping the Animal Welfare League and the Sydney Dogs and Cats Home. twoguineapigs had a pop-up with two sets, one operated by your humble blogger and the other by my partner-in-crime-for-the-day - the good natured and talented photographer Calvin Galang.

Together we photographed a selection of gorgeous dogs, all in competition to be the best at a selection of doggie activities - including being fashion models - well it wasn’t that serious (at least I don’t think it was! But I think the dogs did take it seriously!)

But “shooting” was just the end part of a lot of organising. We had to arrange props, figure out lighting and the space, and prepare for a crowd of dogs (and people).

Poor Calvin had to work his way through quite a few planning sessions with yours truly - and I am still worried I forced him to stay up way past his bed time on several occasions :P. The work life balance at twoguineapigs possibly needs to be reviewed next year. As well, my donkey assistant/partner probably needs a holiday as he has lately been locking himself in the bathroom and refusing to come out.

On the day itself we had to haul a lot of gear about the place - professional photography involves a lot of equipment and I think we all came close to lying on our backs half dead by the end (the donkey partner looked especially pale).

One bonus though - it only rained after the competition (not always the way it goes) :).

Thanks to Dogue and EQ, to the owners and of course the wonderful Dogue dogs that turned up for a romp in the sun - and congratulations to the winners: Gwen the Mini-Pomeranian (centre); Henry the Cavalier X Terrier (left) and Timmy the Cavalier X Papillion ! :)

DOGUE COVERDOG winners by twoguineapigs pet photography

{behind-the-scenes} yours truly by calvin galang for twoguineapigs pet photography