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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Blackboard Jungle | cat photography

Thank You from the bottom of my heart from twoguineapigs pet photography, sydney pet photographer.

Today I decided to chalk up a post on facebook using my trusty blackboard. This little board I got from Typo and I love it. Very handy and it has a very handy delete function if you write a message you suddenly regret - called a duster!

You’d think photographing a blackboard, which just sits there, would be easy - but nothing happens at our place without the cats deciding its a good idea they should get involved one way or another. Both investigated the board and - erm - made their mark.

All cat “owners” out there (still not sure who “owns” who in these relationships) probably recognise subsequent events as recorded by this humble photographer.

Its not easy running a blog - especially a photographic blog which involves not only writing but also shooting. Add animals to the mix and it’s a labour of love.


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