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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Pricing pet photography

Ninja PF, portrait of a Sydney black cat by twoguineapigs Pet Photography.

Is the world recession finally here? And does that mean that happy events like pet photo shoots will be considered luxuries as people can no longer afford them?

It’s possible.

All the more reason to book a session NOW - before you can no longer afford it (as well as food, pet food and transport).

The great surrealist, Dali, when he was a struggling artist, used to celebrate financial disasters by spending his last money on expensive champagne.

In other words, be positive. Just think how jealous your neighbours will be when they come over to beg for money and see a brand new framed photo of your poodle on the wall!

But seriously - I do realise that pet photography is not very cheap. After all, this is custom portrait photography.

To help with this I try to have a very open and clear pricing strategy so you, the Client, know exactly what you are up for when you sign for a session.

Price lists in the photography business can be tricky (a bit like cell phone deals) and bill shock is a risk. I know this from personal experience - so I really try to help Clients get a deal they understand and can budget for.

twoguineapigs is recession sensitive, so don't give up. We are here to help and you would be surprised at the value :)

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