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Friday, August 5, 2011

Hot Kitties | cat photography

It’s no secret that cats have a shameless love affair with heaters. It’s one appliance they love to get up close and personal with. My cats love the heater so much their carbon footprint is probably the size of a truck..

As a photographer i face two main challenges photographing cats like these ones (by which I mean – my ones!).

Firstly, they tend to look like a black stain on the carpet. Secondly cats generally would prefer to look into a hole than into the lens of a camera. Maybe if i was a heater with a camera I'd have more luck!

Nevertheless, patience, practice and dedication do result in worthwhile kitty shots - and let’s face it - what can be more charming than a happy cat in a photo? I don't want to plug myself too much but getting a professional pet shooter to photograph your cat can result in truly beautiful portraits. Cats are fussy, but they are very photogenic. They are the supermodels of the pet kingdom. I think they know it too! Even my lazy cats.

Hot Kitties by twoguineapigs Pet Photography, documentary portraits of 2 sydney black cats.

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