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Sunday, January 6, 2013

Flickr, Facebook and a dog called Mozart | Sydney Pet Photographer

{ explored 4.jan.13 } Mozart the maltese/poodle/other by twoguineapigs pet photography

I personally don't believe that social media "likes" and "comments" validate work   - art is subjective; you either like it or you don't. I don't grade work in this way - but I do like feedback and to be appreciated! This is because I work hard at what I love to do. { update, 10.Jan.2013, reason why }

This image titled "LOL Mozart" (first published here in the last post; then Flickr; then Google+; then Twitter; and finally facebook), was featured on Flickr's Explore, 4 Jan 2013

I'm grateful that Flickr's curator(s) and community saw and recognised something interesting about this image enough to feature it.

As a result, to date, this pic has been viewed in flickr 870 times, favourited by 83, and commented on by 18 in over 1 day. 

Compare that to facebook statistics: shown to 161, liked by 13 and commented by 6. (G+'d by 2).

It's interesting to see which social media sites are valuable for visually oriented  services like me! I know where I'll be spending my time next.

Its also interesting to note that facebook continuously bills itself as some kind of small business marketing paradise. Is it though?

Needless to say, Mozart does have a winning smile. Who couldn't resist that?

My digital footprints are:
personal tumblr (personal work/ projects/ thoughts)
personal Pinterest (personal inspiration)

not to mention my blog and website. 

This is quite a lot of digital activity for a small business to maintain. 

Maybe I'll wake up one day and decide to be more discriminating. 

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