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Saturday, January 14, 2012

A Kiwi Kitty (Take 2) | cat photography

Did you ever hear a story about a Tiger who became a Monkey? You may have read, loyal reader :P, how a certain cat came into a house I was visiting in New Zealand over Christmas - walked right in from nowhere and made herself at home, for a while, before taking off again.

She was a familiar face in the neighbourhood but our hosts didn’t know who she really was or her name.

We called her "Tiger" and I did an impromptu photo shoot, published on this blog.

Well it turns out this moggins owners have now been discovered - living a few houses down from our host’s house. They also saw my blog post and got in contact!

Ok “Tiger's” name is really Monkey. She is an Ocicat with quite an outgoing personality and a social life to go with it.

So thanks to Monkey’s owners A+J for getting in touch and letting us know Monkey has a great home.

Its an example of social media filling in the gaps and creating a happy ending to the story. The story of the Tiger who was a Monkey :)

BTW - speaking of “social” - we have have two brother cats over here who are currently single! :D

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