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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

V-day treats

Every now and then, I like to cook something new. I don’t admit to being a good cook. I promised the kids at home (yes, I have four-legged fur faces as children) their treats on Valentine’s Day, so I decided to bake a fish fillet for the cats and whip up some hay and greens for the guinea pig. The cats had tried this dish before — PF liked it and Mr Big didn’t seem to mind.

The guinea pig was easy. He would eat almost anything until recently - he seems to have lost his appetite lately. That’s for another post.

The cats, well, Mr Big didn’t like it this time. And PF didn’t hesitate to let me know how disappointed he was — he took off and had a go at the scratching post instead. Kids. Who said they are easy.

At least my friends remembered me and sent me emails and cards and even home baked ginger cookies. My partner and I exchanged cards and I got roses — you probably guessed it, my card’s on the left and his is on the right, yes that one with the strange looking Panda.

I hope you had a great V-Day.

The supposed fish fillet recipe that the cats weren't impressed with:

1 fish fillet (any fresh sort)
1 egg yoke
whole meal oats

Beat the egg yoke and sprinkle some salt.
Coat fish in yoke and cover it with oats.
Bake in oven for 10 to 15 min, turn once.
Cool before serving.

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  1. Growing up I had one cat that didn't like fish, one that didn't like red meat & one that was fussy with everything - you just can't make them all happy all the time :) I love that you baked something nice for them. Your panda card looks cool!


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