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Saturday, February 26, 2011

All-in-one post

For those who following my facebook and Twitter, you would have heard about Wiggley’s health update.

I’m posting this in Wellington by the way.

Last Tuesday, I took him down to see an exotic animal Vet after I’d spoken to his regular Vet. Wiggley has had a history of stones but they were not a concern then and a change of diet seemed to have worked until last week, when he began to pee blood. His Xray showed a rather large bladder stone. Thursday, Wiggley had an operation to remove the stone. By Friday, he was given the green light to go home.

We were given Bactrim (anti-biotics), Metacam (pain relieve) and Oxbow Critical Care to take home for him (not to mention a tube of eye treatment ointment for an ulcer he had in his right eye). That’s a lot of medication - more than I’ve seen for a while, let alone for ‘someone’ so tiny.

He seemed happy to return home to find his bed was still intact — still looking alert and curious about most things. I spent the next 4 days force-feeding Wiggley and getting 50ml of Oxbow in each day when he was not eating anything else. I managed 40 to 45ml per day and was a little successful in coaxing Wiggley to eat more on his own. The Vet rang us 2 days later after Wiggley had returned home, his urine culture test came back clear of bacteria — a big relief.

Wiggley’s health scare came at the wrong time when I was about to leave the country to get married in Wellington today — in about 6 hours time! How do you un-plan a wedding is what I want to know! I spoke to the Vet about Wiggley’s progress and we seemed happy with it and confident that he was recovering well. We found a dedicated and committed carer and sitter for Wiggley who could help us look after him while we were away. She’s exceptional is all I can say — very attentive and she loves Wiggley to bits.

With a heavy heart, we packed Wiggley’s bag and boarded him with his carer before we caught the plane to Wellington the next day. He’s one guinea pig who doesn’t travel light.

By the way, I’ll be away till Tuesday. I promise to make a ‘s’-load of images if you promise to wait for my return!

twoguineapigs pet photography studio pet portrait guinea pig
Recovering, originally uploaded by twoguineapigs pet photography.

twoguineapigs pet photography studio

twoguineapigs pet photography studio

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  1. Oh my goodness! I'm glad Wiggley's mending and I hope the wedding goes off without (another) hitch! Congratulations!!!!


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