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Monday, June 14, 2010

Take me home

Give a dog a home. Adopt before you buy.

Captain, Boston, Garry, and Ned can be adopted at the Australian Working Dog Rescue:
facebook page

Captain, originally uploaded by twoguineapigs pet photography.

Boston, originally uploaded by twoguineapigs pet photography.

Garry, originally uploaded by twoguineapigs pet photography.

Ned, originally uploaded by twoguineapigs pet photography.

More pictures here:

We had quite a lot of rain over the last couple of weeks in Sydney. I prayed for no-rain-sunshine for this long weekend (yes, we still celebrate the Queen's birthday, Queen Elizabeth II in case you were wondering). I got my wish. Not only was it sunny but the sun was super cooperative on Sunday; it was blasting like anything!

The lodge where the dogs are housed has a fantastic big fenced-up lawn for the dogs to run and play in. Shade is limited as the eucalyptus trees in the yard are still fairly young. I love natural light. But a full blasting sun with cloudless sky is not ideal.  So I made do with as much technique as possible with what I could  carry in my hands to minimise distracting the dogs with more photographic  equipment like a flash gun, big reflector / diffuser. From the dogs' reaction, I suspect some of them hadn't even seen a camera before — well, a big, black chunky one that is.


  1. Look at Ned's ears!
    I hope they all have great fun together before being adopted into loving homes.

  2. Those ears of Ned's have their own personality :)
    I think the dogs did enjoy the photo shoot session. Ned figured out pretty quickly what all the fuss was about!


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