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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Boy snuggle

It has been raining quite a lot lately in Sydney — almost non-stop heavy rainfall.

Apart from having to brave the rain to and from work (yes, I still work full time), I took the opportunity to sort through my archives and catch-up on cataloguing and posting.

Here's our two black cats, PF and Mr Big, sharing some love.

Boy snuggle, originally uploaded by twoguineapigs pet photography.

PF is the smaller cat with large beady eyes. He sometimes sports that sinister look. I dread to think what's on his mind.

(Boy snuggling is a pretty common sight for them. I haven't caught them fighting. I like to think they don't fight at all - peace on earth?)


  1. By the expression on their faces most cats seem to be plotting world domination or something as dastardly ;)


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