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Thursday, June 7, 2012

2012 AIPP APPA Silver Awards Portrait | pet photography

Another late post!

Well it was another nerve wracking experience entering into this year’s Canon AIPP Australian Professional Photographer Award (APPA), what with the production of work, to print selection, to submission and waiting for the judging results of your prints, to having your work judged and critiqued openly by professional photographers.

The judges have only 30 seconds(?) to judge each print and the author/photographer was not there to provide comment or explanation.

Finally though it became worth it - 2 of my images were awarded Silver (and one almost made it to Silver distinction, however the judges were not in total agreement - come on guys! :P)

Why do I put myself through this? Call me mad, crazy, what not. It’s all for my pooch clients and their human parents, who in turn put up with my craziness - thank you!

For those who don’t know what AIPP APPA stands for, here’s a blurb from the official sponsor, Canon:

“The Canon AIPP APPAs are the most sought-after accolade in Australian professional photography and the standard rises each year due to the fierce competition,” says Taz Nakamasu, Managing Director, Canon Australia.

The Canon AIPP APPAs are a celebration of photographic excellence and represent the pinnacle of Australian professional photography – also some of the best in the world.

Roll on next year :)


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