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Thursday, July 29, 2010

This made my day

I had what you would consider a bad week.

When I say bad week, I mean having to wait for almost an hour to get on the bus in a wet and cold Winter morning to get to a day job where I'm starting to think that my efforts are not being appreciated; having to turn up to class without my homework because I spent most of my day in a day job and didn't have time to finish my homework; having to spend less time making pictures when I wanted to do more because I have chores to do, pets to care for and a business to work on.

Anyways, that aside.

I was contacted by the owner of Modern Cat for an interview after she saw my comments and followed the link to my flickr site. In the interview on pet photography, I briefly talked about how long I have been making images of pets, what I shoot with, how I go about making those images, what I think one can make a great photo.

At times I felt like giving up my photography passion when I have a bad week. Not because I don't have the state-of-the-art equipment or the latest tools but because I have set myself a goal to achieve and I do work very hard — and time is scarce for me having to juggle 4 pets, 1 boyfriend, 1 day job and a passion for animals, especially the abandoned ones that I wanted to help so badly.

I felt as if I have been given a 100 brownie points — someone did like my work even though it's not my day job!

Does it mean Mr Big and PF are going to be famous now?


  1. The interview is wonderful! It's hard to find time for what we love but I hope you continue to persevere with your passion :)


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