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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

He can look intelligent too

I caught Mr Big sitting quietly by himself one afternoon. So I made this image of him in black and white.

He too, can look intelligent — only when he wants to.

I sometimes wonder whether Mr Big shares the same interests as Ginger.

Mr Big, originally uploaded by twoguineapigs pet photography.

Then again, Mr Big's personality is quite similar to Wiggley's in the sense they share similar interests and have only one thing in mind — food.  Nothing can stop these two from reaching their goal, ie more food; endless eating. 

Wiggley has an excuse since he's a guinea pig, well, not quite the same as a pig but close enough. But Mr Big... 

Hence his name. It's not because of S'nTC, but more so because of the fact that he eats non-stop and he has a profound fondness for food; almost as if he's addicted to it. He's one cat that lives to eat.

So it is probably one chance in ten that you will find Mr Big sporting an intelligent look.

We're putting him on a diet.

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  1. haha! He reminds me of my two black and white kitties, May, and June. (they're twin sisters) those girls are soooo chubby! They're just round- not a sharp angle to be seen. lol.


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