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Friday, October 26, 2012

Summer Gift Cards Are Out | Christmas | Professional Pet Photography

twoguineapigs pet photography gift card; christmas, festive and summer special for loved ones.
I long to have such a memorial of every being dear to me in the world. It is not merely the likeness which is precious in such cases - but the association and the sense of nearness involved in the thing … the fact of the very shadow of the person lying there fixed forever! 
It is the very sanctification of portraits I think [...].
- Elizabeth Barrett, British Poet
(1843, letter to Mary Russell Mitford, English Author and Dramatist on photography)

If like me you love photography as an art form (and you love pets too) what could be nicer than to give someone special an opportunity to experience a professional photoshoot for themselves?

My new summer gift card is a simple, fun, and unique offer of a professional pet photoshoot complete with a choice of (1) a framed print (3 sizes to pick from) or (2) a fine art album. All offers come with a digital album for your personal device.

The perfect gift for Christmas > available here. Offer ends 26 21 December 2012 (from $300).

The card also entitles the recipient to a 10% saving on all additional prints.

Nothing complicated for you the gift giver to do - I know we all want to spend more quality time with our loved ones, including our fur friends, especially during this festive season. And the photoshoot can happen after the madness is over - no stress!

However, if you want to book a shoot and have the final results presented for this festive season, better make sure you book now to avoid disappointment. Contact me via Contact Form, I look forward to speaking with you.


Why hire twoguineapigs to photograph your pets?

This isn’t just about pet memories - you probably take photos for that purpose all the time with your own camera.

As an artist I can bring a fresh point of view to the visualisation of your life with your pet. I connect naturally with animals. I make them cool, smart and attractive - perfect models for your wall!

I’m offering a complete and unique experience for you and your pets - a professional consultation and photoshoot, a personal online gallery, and high quality wall art and albums for you to treasure.

I use premium professional photo labs and suppliers. You will notice the difference when you see the results.

What sort of pets?
All shapes and sizes, all breeds. So long as they do not eat me up!

What’s the expiry on the gift card?
6 months from the date of purchase to book and complete the photoshoot. We post them right away.

What are the photoshoot locations?
Either the Client’s choice or I will scout and suggest a suitable location.

Travel costs may apply to non-Sydney locations - this helps me pay for the necessities like petrol, tickets, and a roof over my head (if needed).

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