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Sunday, September 2, 2012

twoguineapigs bugmobile | sydney professional pet photographer on wheels

Meet my Bug - or at least the back of Bug's head. This great car is one of the most important employees of my business - and not just as a funky mobile advertisement. Bug gets me to pets - and pet shoots - all over town and beyond (like, to the Central Coast and Canberra!).

She's one reliable vintage VW Beetle.

If you ever catch me driving past drop me a comment or an email letting me know the date, time and where you saw me (street name and suburb) - I'll give you a shoot for fun! (within 30km from Sydney CBD; photos and other promotions excluded; ends 15 October 2012).

twoguineapigs Bugmobile
Bug enjoying Sydney Winter Urban sunset.

Designed by Jodi Meredith. Produced and installed by Geoff & Mark Owen of Best Instant Signs.

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