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Friday, June 3, 2011

Adoption is a beautiful thing

AWDRI is not just all about calendars and photos of beautiful but temporarily homeless dogs (I’ve done a few pictures myself in the last few years to help with adoption and raise funds) - occasionally some good people actually adopt a pooch (or two). This was the happy fate of Denny who I photographed previously and who is now living the good life in Victoria with his new house-buddies. Well done guys!

I think these new owners should be complimented for making a choice to help save a life. For one thing I am (as is my usual practice) sending them a print of Denny from my original shoot, when he/we were looking for an owner to love him. Hope you like it!

Although I’m not against the idea of getting a pet from a socially responsible and reputable breeder, I also think we have plenty of abandoned dogs, cats, guinea pigs and what not on our streets who also have their paws ‘n’ claws up hoping for a second chance, for a new home.

So good luck Denny and co! Pats and Hugs from this photographer. I hope you have many long and happy walks in the Victorian years to come.

Adoption print, AWDRI donation by twoguineapigs pet photography. Adoption profile image of Denny, a working dog.


  1. Awesome! I am sure Denny's family will cherish their photo from you.

  2. This is just gorgeous Julianna ♥ Thank you so much for your support and help in presenting our rescue dogs at their beautiful best. ♥

    Di Edwards - AWDRI

  3. Great post Julianna - Denny and so many other animals are much better off with lovely people like you in the world! x

  4. Amazing post Miss Julianna! Hmm..Been a big fan of you ever since! And I love this one! You do love to express your BIG LOVE for animals. I'm a freelance coder and I do a little photography at one side, and you know, you just inspired me to do like these. ;)


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