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Friday, April 1, 2011

New sleeping pose

PF has a new sleeping pose on the cushion across from my desk where I work.

Maybe he has a thing about seeing me upside down. He has his own way of seeing things. Maybe one day I'll teach him to make photographs.

twoguineapigs pet photography sleeping pose of a black cat


  1. Very beautiful photo! My cat often sleeps in that pose too:) I realy love cats. Now I have a ginger cat, but once upon a time I had a black cat named Zico, like Brazilian soccer player:) He was an amazing cat, he never scratched and he really liked to play soccer with a tennis ball :) Unfortunately, someone killed him on the street when he walked... And when I see black cats, I always think about Zico...

  2. I love everything about this photo, including your idea for PF to take photos of the his world :)


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