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Friday, January 14, 2011

The joy of photographing adoptables

It was in late May last year that I first volunteered my photography services to a batch of AWDRI adoptables.

7 months later, I have met and gotten to know 31 incredible AWDRI adoptables — all charming, intelligent, hopeful, trusting, very brave but most of all, very fine dogs. Their spirit inspired me to create a 2011 Calendar hoping to help raise more awareness.

My experiences in meeting each of them are still vivid; these dogs had never met me before - they appeared anxious yet all greeted me with open hearts.

I learned also that despite their plight (very much beyond their control), they trusted us and they did not judge either each other and certainly not us. I don’t know their language exactly, yet I feel there’s a connection and some sort of understanding — one that is deeply ingrained in me. Like my own pets, these dogs have taught me about love, about patience, about kindness, about compassion but mostly about hope and perseverence.

Today, I am aware that 13 of them I have met and photographed have now found new homes, and a couple are on trial adoption — thanks to the dedication and hard work of AWDRI. And mostly, a big thanks to the kind hearted souls who opened their hearts and homes to these dogs - the volunteers, their foster carers and new human Mums and Dads.

I can’t say how much I have enjoyed meeting and photographing these little guys. My thoughts are with them and I hope the rest find a new home soon in 2011. This post is dedicated to all AWDRI adoptables, past and present, and to those who have showed them much love and kindness.

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