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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Apple and the boys

The boys have been especially good lately, I'm speaking of the guinea pigs (not the cats). I rewarded them each with an apple.

(I'm speaking about the fruit, not Apple computing. And I don't normally give them each a whole apple — usually I de-core: the seeds are not good for them).

Ginger's, originally uploaded by twoguineapigs pet photography.

Wiggley's, originally uploaded by twoguineapigs pet photography.

Oh yes, they each can eat an apple no problem.

I’m liking the after rain late Spring afternoon light.


  1. Sweetness, what happy piggies. I love the light too. Great story, great shots. I want to watch them munch down!

  2. I love this series of photos, the boys look so patient but so interested I their apples.

  3. Thanks Bethany and Jodi :) Glad you guys enjoyed this post.

  4. Love these shots - will tweet the page- I had two guinea pigs as a kid and still remember the noises they made a feeding time - Grant


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