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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Prints and packaging

I must say I'm very happy with Bronco's 8x12" print and softcover album. I haven't got my monitor calibrator yet so I had to test-run the prints first to make sure what was printed was what I saw on my screen. The technician at the professional photo lab was very helpful in getting the colours right.

It pays to get someone to print your photos accurately - it's what professional photographers do: solve your colour and printing problems.

I am a perfectionist; I can't sleep unless I get it right!

To do justice to these beautiful prints, I decided to give DIY packaging a go - when I was growing up, I used to package gifts, cards and what-not for family and friends. I very much enjoy matching colours and materials.

For this project I chose an orange/tan, brown and olive green theme to compliment the colours of my business logo.

Bronco's owner is happy with the end-result. I'd be thrilled if someone gifted me these.


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