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Sunday, April 4, 2010

A late Autumn afternoon with Bronco

Last Friday, I caught up with Bronco and his owner, Ela. We decided to go for a walk in the late Autumn afternoon. Bronco is an 8 year old boxer, very intelligent, very sensible and very sensitive. He is also very entertaining — I love the way he prances about on a leash, leading the troupe for the walk. Not to mention the endless dribbling (slobbering, should I say?). Bronco adores his mum, and Ela adores him. He's a fine boxer who comes complete with a tail and ears!  Our walk lasted 15 minutes which gave me great memories. Thank you Bronco and Ela for a wonderful evening.

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  1. Nice shots. I remember Bronco. During my previous stay with you, I took a morning walk and bumped into Bronco . He came over to me to say hello. That was the first I saw a white Boxer. He is as big and powerful as Uncle Harry's Flicker which has a dark brown brindle coat. It is so nice to see that his family let him keeps his tail and ears natural. Bronco is friendly and curious when compared to Flicker's aloofness and arrogance (or it appears after his cosmetic surgery). Please say hello to Bronco for me.


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